Course Rules


  • No more than 4 people in a group on any one hole.
  • When a group is finished playing one hole, they must advance to and start playing the next hole.
  • Every player must take their first shot before any player takes a second shot.
  • Play each hole in turn. NO SKIPPING HOLES.
  • Place the ball in bounds where it went out. (One stroke penalty.)
  • 6 stroke limit at each hole.
  • Do not swing the putter above the knee; an adult should instruct children in proper use of the club.
  • NO alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.
  • Rain checks are issued in the event of rain. NO CASH REFUNDS
  • Follow the markers along the way.

How to Play Mini Golf

The Mutiny Bay Adventure Way

  • Warm-up on the practice green
  • Every player should take their first shot before any player takes a second shot
  • If the ball goes into the water or off the course, replace the ball where it went off with a one-stroke penalty. They are available in the clubhouse
  • If the ball ends up against an edge or obstacle it may be moved one clubhead length out
  • After the 1st shot has been taken; The ball nearest to the hole continues putting next
  • There is a 6 shot per limit per hole, so once you get to 6 shots, move on to the next hole

Frequently Asked Questions