Rules & FAQ

How to play miniature golf

If you have never experienced mini golf, Mutiny Bay is the perfect place to start. Mini golf is a fun, low intensity game for everyone to play. The aim of the game is to complete all 18 holes with the lowest score.

Simply start by placing your ball on the green at the start of the hole. Take turns by putting the ball (using the golf club) towards the hole, count how many shots it takes you until you sink the ball in the hole. Record how many shots it takes to sink the ball in the hole on the scorecard. At the end of the game add up the scores.

We encourage all teams of 4 to play by our Mutiny Bay Adventure Golf Rules found on your score card. Each player takes one shot and when the first shot has been completed, each player takes a second shot. Play continues until all players are finished or have reached 6 shots.

Course Rules

follow these rules…… or you’ll be walking the plank matey!

      • Follow the markers along the way.
      • There is to be NO MORE than 4 people in a group on any one hole
      • There is a 6 shot per limit per hole, so once you get to 6 shots, move on to the next hole
      • If the ball goes into the water or off the course, replace the ball where it went off with a one stroke penalty.
      • If the ball ends up against an edge or obstacle it may be moved one clubhead length out
      • Every player should take their first shot before any player takes a second shot
      • The ball nearest to the hole putts first
      • No alcoholic beverages allowed on course


How many holes do we get to play?

We have one beautiful soundside 18 hole course. We do offer all-day play until 4:00 pm daily. Play as many rounds as you’d like between 10 am and 4 pm for the price of one game!

Do we have to play in teams?

We will ask you to split large groups into teams of 4 or less. Smaller teams make for a more enjoyable experience for you and those teams playing around you. Please be respectful of other teams on the course.

Are you handicap accessible?

Our course is handicap and stroller accessible.

What is the best time of day to play?

It is totally up to your own personal preference. There are drink machines and shaded areas throughout the course for heat relief during daytime play, or join us for some after-dark fun!